Passion for Pensions

We provide high quality pension consultancy for companies and expats. We translate complex issues into simple solutions. Thus to create the highest value for our clients.

International Specialization

We have 20 years of experience on 5 continents. Due to our international experience, we like to be challenged and handle new situations with interest and care.

Corporate Pensions

Our service is all inclusive. We provide advice and also control the process in time to prevent that aspects might not be totally optimized. Aftercare is service.

Corporate Pensions Future: DC At Age 70

Pensions remain dynamic. The future trend is an increasingly individual DC pension claim at a retirement age of ultimately 70 years.

Corporate Pensions: Tax Benefits

Pension optimization starts with using all tax benefits. Too often this has not be implemented due to lack of information, time or sound advice.

Corporate Pensions: Investment Optimization

Pension optimization for investment based pension claims requires a correct Personal Risk Profile and a correct translation into suitable Pension Funds.

Highest Market Segment

We service the highest segment of the international market. We are aware of the related expectations. And we are known to provide more.

Boutique Firm Care/Service/Rates

We are not one of the big firms. We know our clients personally and value their trust. As their long-term trusted advisor, we are highly protective of their interests.