International Financial Planning

A) Relevance

Global Directors/Board Members are very occupied. Their interests however are substantial and often spread over several countries and continents. They do not have the time nor the international specialization to monitor their own financial interests as they deserve.

For these type of highly critical clients, we provide a more permanent and international Pension and Wealth Management Consultancy.

Our signature Family Office Services.

family office services

B) Depth Of Services

These services provide our very best and make sure that:

  • The short and long term wishes and Personal Risk Profile of our client have been carefully established;
  • The Risk Assessment regarding Investments and Tax is always addressed as the first issue;
  • There is a meticulous oversight of all international financial interests of our client (Wages/Bonuses/Stock Options/Real Estate/Savings/Investments);
  • There is not any longer the often met situation that substantial funds are located in several countries without investment optimization;
  • By means of the Power of Attorney of our client we maintain in close contact with specialists in other countries/specializations who assist our client and thus provide the required oversight;
  • Needless to say we are an independent firm with a governmental license and an impeccable track record.

C) Relationship Manager

  • Our clients will have our Director as long-term Relationship Manager. Which guarantees not only the highest quality but also that there will be no personal changes in the near future. A consistency our clients highly appreciate.

D) Quarterly Oversight

  • A standard part of our service is that at the end of each Quarter, we provide an accurate oversight of all Assets and Risks. Which makes it possible to, if so required, adjust and act on short notice and prevent substantial surprises.

E) Type Of Estates

  • We believe that most clients can be serviced due to our international experience with up to 8 figures estates.

 client profile fees

F) Fees

  • Our fees have the following nature:
    1] Start Up Fee: The fee which covers the first time we provide the complete English Quality Memorandum which covers all facts, wishes, options and recommendations;
    2] Regular Annual Fee: The fee which covers the requested type and amount of quarterly and annual service;
  • As each client has his own specific situation and requests, our fees are tailor-made accordingly.

G) Practice

The bases of our Family Office Services is that our clients value the substantial financial and tax impact thereof.

And especially appreciate that they can rely on our company to guard their interests at the highest international standards.

Which we implement in our signature manner: Cordial, focused and persistent.