Zürich Meetings At Business Center

  • A) Experience With Swiss Pensions

    The last 20 years we have acquired relevant experience regarding these kind of State and Corporate Pension Claims.

    Whether it be about Kanton/Federal/InternationalTax Optimization or Risk and Investment related aspects.

  • B) Our Approach Is Different

    Our goal is to provide high quality consultancy at an affordable rate for our long-term clients. We do not try to maximize our income. Nor do we try to get other (investment based) ways of payment besides our transparant fee.

    Thus we focus on the long term.

  • C) Reviews

    On the Review page of our site, you can see how a number of existing clients have perceived our advice and service.

    All these opinions combined might provide a useful impression.

  • D) Individual Consultations Business Center

    As we value personal contact with (potential) clients, it is our distinct pleasure to have individual meetings in Zürich about Expat Pension Optimization.

    We schedule this each year during three days on a Zürich Business Center location. For each individual meeting we schedule 2 hours time. After which the essence of the meeting and issues of interest or concern are carefully summarized and sent by mail.

    This service is free of charge.

  • E) Pension Inventory Quick Scan

    If you would like to check if your Global Pensions, Risk Coverage and related Investments are already optimized, feel free to use our form: Pension Inventory Quick Scan

  • F) Appointment

    Feel free to contact us to see if we can meet personally with you within a few months time in Zürich.

    You can send a mail in that respect: info@senspc.nl

    You are most welcome!

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