Our Approach: 10 Phases

1) Intake

During our first meeting, we gladly listen as you describe your issues and wishes.

Then we will outline our approach to your case and indicate the time required to provide quality advice.

Finally you can decide if our firm is indeed the very best option for your company or family.


2) Type Of Approach

Within the quality services we provide, clients have the option to choose between two approaches:

1. The Efficient Approach: This means that we try to give the requested service in the most efficient manner in order to provide the best ratio on advice/fee.

2. The Perfect Approach: This means that our client will get the best possible and most complete advice and background. This provides the best we can offer. If the stakes are high, this approach might be advisable. The additional costs compared to the efficient approach are often not that high.

3) Inventory

When you have chosen for our company, we will send the by law required paperwork:

  • Pension Consultancy Contract
  • Extensive Client Inventory Form
  • Request for an ID Copy
  • Invoice for the in Holland usual modest advance

After we have received all documents, we will give a more accurate indication of the minimum amount of time required for high quality advice.

We will also give you an indication of when we expect to be able to send our Pension Memorandum.

4) Relationship Manager

When you have become client of our company, we will directly inform you who will be your designated Relationship Manager.

Each Relationship Manager is an Expat Pension & Investment Specialist and will be responsible for all contacts between you and our firm. Regarding both advice and client services.

As we are used to having clients in time zones from California to Australia, our Relationship Managers are flexible and easily reachable by mail and mobile phone.

5) Presentation Pension Memorandum

Our Staff will inform the new client at what exact date we expect to present our Pension Memorandum.

6) Analyses

After we have received all required information, we go to work.

First we will make sure that we have all accurate facts regarding your case, plans and countries involved.

Then we analyse carefully how your personal wishes are best implemented.

7 steps analysis

7) Pension Memorandum

This document is the central pillar in our approach.

It is meant to be all inclusive, correct and easy readable. It will contain all relevant facts, your wishes, possible solutions and our advice. It tends to amount to between 10-25 pages in English.

8) Further Explanation

Of course we always feel that our pension memorandum is self explanatory.

Practice however shows that even highly educated professionals prefer to have a call or a meeting as all the different kind of aspects might be overwhelming.

9) Implementation

After we feel that you understand everything and have made a solide decision, we will start implementing your preferences.

As it is our experience that the implementation is too often not done accurately, we will pay particular attention to the optimal implementation of all aspects.

10) Aftercare

We are used to and prefer to function as long-term trusted advisor for our global clients.

Thus we gladly provide extensive aftercare.

If you later move to another country or company, we already know you and your situation.

So we can act quickly regarding new aspects.