A) Independent: Client Fees Only

According to Dutch law financial consultants may only receive fees from clients and not from Financial Institutions or Investment Funds or Pension Funds.

Thus our independence is guaranteed. Also from that perspective.


B) In General

The hourly rate for pension advice amounts to:

  • Administrative services                         € 135,-
  • Expat Pension Consultant                     € 195,-
  • Senior Expat Pension Consultant         € 215,-
  • Corporate Consultant                            € 225,-
  • Senior Corporate Consultant                € 255,-

This is excluding VAT, 10% office costs and € 0,50 transportation costs per km.

There is no VAT regarding pension product advice.


C) Dutch Pensions Summary

8 page English summary of Dutch State/Private/Corporate Pensions including international tax aspects € 945,-.

This is excluding 21% VAT.


D) Corporate Pension Plan

Total project New Pension Plan including meeting, product selection, by law required at least three quotes, employer pension memorandum, employee pension memorandum and complete implementation. The rate is linked to the number of employees.


E) Dutch Private Pension Plan

We provide complete services including a 9 page English Pension Memorandum (includes tax calculations, quote comparison and selection, risk coverage, costs, investment projections and international pay-out) plus complete implementation for a one time fixed-fee of € 645,- and no VAT per employee.


F) Company Training

The rate for a two hour training is € 375,- per participant with a minimum of € 2.625,-.

Which is all inclusive except for 21% VAT and international travel costs.


G) Client Registered Abroad

If a corporation is located outside of The Netherlands, we expect to receive the payment upfront.

We are a governmental licensed firm with an impeccable reputation. Thank you for understanding.