Corporate Pensions

We advise (inter)national corporations on how to maintain a healthy balance between future costs, coverages and risks. In which process we focus on all legal/tax/actuarial/product/corporate issues.

Our goal is to provide high quality advice and create maximum added value for our client. Due to our international experience, we are used to handle challenging new situations with interest and care.  

Our service is all inclusive. We do not just provide advice but function as projectmanager. We control all aspects of the process in time and prevent that aspects might not be optimized.

In this process we focus especially on:

  • Clear Communications: we keep it simple
  • Transparency and ease: our contribution to change
  • Creativity: we like to be challenged

Finally we summarize complex situations by a brief conclusion with three best solutions to choose from.

  • A) Pension Consultancy


    • Streamlining of pension plans due to merger/acquisition.
    • Pension Due Diligence during merger/acquisition.
    • Pension restructuring due to reporting requirements.
    • Adjustment of pension schemes to new legislation.
    • Restructuring of existing pension schemes due to new market situation.

    Company Pension Fund

    • Analyze and advice on the existence of a Company Pension Fund.

    Pension Insurances

    • Selection and negotiating related to new pension plan: DC versus PPI.
    • Selection and negotiating related to additional (ANW) next of kin coverage.
    • Selection and negotiating related to additional Net pension plan.


    • Analyze and advice on disability issues and policy.
    • Selection and negotiating related to WIA Gap and Excedent insurances.
    • Selection and negotiating related to Non Attendance insurances.
  • B) Pension Law

    Pension Funds

    • Legal position towards ‘mandatory’ scope of Branch Pension Funds.
    • Governance and compliance issues at Pension Funds.
    • Thus we are experienced in providing advice regarding Branch Pension Fund Stipp.

    Internal Legal Issues

    • Legal position of the Employees Counsel towards the Board.
    • Legal position of (in)active participants regarding the indexation policy and its implementation by the employer.
    • Legal issues due to resignation or divorce.
    • Legal stipulation of pension and finance agreements.

    External Legal Issues

    • Prevent or otherwise solve legal issues with the Tax Authority and/or insurance companies.

    Legal Issues towards Board/Expats

    • Legal stipulation and/or adjustment of the in general custom expat and/or Board pension plans.
  • C) Pension Mediation
    • The large interests and technical aspects can quickly create noise between the Board and employees.
    • Due to our independence, we often act as mediator.
    • It saves costs and the conflict model differs for the harmony model.
    • After our objective analysis follow frank discussions with both parties.
    • If our expertise is coupled with a sense of reality, a solution is more than expected within reach.
  • D) Pension Secondment of Staff
    • In case your company prefers matters to be dealt with at once, we can second a pension jurist or consultant for project or interim management.
  • E) Pension Education

    We provide approachable workshops:

    Workshop Pensions

    • Board, H.R. and Finance
    • Employees Counsel
    • Agencies of Pension Funds

    Workshop International Pensions

    • Workshops Trends in International Pensions for HR