Expat Pensions

  • A) Expat Pension Specialization

    We are specialized in expat pensions.

    We welcome the related extra challenges and contact with different persons, institutions and cultures.

    We provide pension consultancy in Holland for expats of all nationalities and locations. We have 20 years of experience on 5 continents. If so desired we guide the local team of tax, law and actuarial experts towards the required results.

  • B) All Inclusive Approach

    We take pride in our approach. Our goal is not just to give advice. We function as projectmanager in order to control all aspects of the process in time and to prevent that aspects might not be optimized. 
    Our clients tend to appreciate this all inclusive approach as it provides ease. 

  • C) Expat Fairs

    Feel free to visit us at the Expat Fairs that are annually organized in Holland.

  • D) Special Website

    Feel free to visit our platform which we have especially created for expat pensions: www.expatpensionholland.nl