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Affinity for expats

Expats have an uniquely challenging business and private life. As we appreciate their drive and competitiveness, we have affinity for expats. It is our challenge to optimize their pension interests from day one.

Expat pensions underexposed

Expat pensions are often underexposed. Mostly due to busy schedules and the lack of required knowledge regarding:

  • Civil/Tax/ Social Security law
  • Actuarial
  • Pension and financial products
  • IORPS’s

Expats require customization

  • Each expat has a special situation and personal preferences. Circumstances can change in time. Only customization provides the required optimal international (risk) coverages, cost control and flexibility.
  • Standard financial products might seem practical. However, they tend to be (extremely) expensive, not flexible and not providing the required customized coverage.

Issues of customisation

  • What is the exact coverage and premium of the (concept) pension scheme?
  • Is a discussion regarding DB/DC/CDC and PPI deemed suitable?
  • In case of DC/PPI the offered investment funds perform well with low costs?
  • Their Life Cycle propositions are well structured?
  • What is the current and future applicable tax/social security regime?
  • What does a salary split/fiscale ruling mean for the (new) pension scheme?
  • The next of kin coverage often lacks. Annuity or capital based is desired?
  • ‘Small’ differences in disability coverages can have huge impact.
  • What is the (proposed) premium allocation between employer and expat?
  • Are equal expats treated equally or will harmonisation follow later on?
  • Timely closure of additional coverage often reduces costs by 50%.
  • Is international transfer of value possible and desirable?


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